Mug Club Information

Information about the Walnut Brewery Mug Club

Do you like beer?

Do you want to be part of a club that rewards you just for visiting the Walnut Brewery? Then join the Mug Club! There is no fee to join and anyone over 21 can be a member. There are tons of benefits!

Mug Club Registration/Log In


  • 5 visits: Logo Pint Glass
  • 10 visits: Free appetizer up to $10 value next visit
  • 25 visits: Free Entree next visit
  • 35 visits: Mug Club T-Shirt
  • 50 visits: $20 off next visit
  • 50+ visits: Every 10th visit after 50, you get $10 club cash.

*Prizes subject to change.

Cards must be registered with accurate name, email address and postal address to be eligible to receive prizes.

Mug Club members receive credit for one visit and up to four pints per day, multiple visits in the same day will not be counted.

If you have questions, or need information regarding a lost card, multiple cards, would like to change your home store, or would like to receive, or unsubscribe from email updates, please send an email to *

*(Note: if you would like to expedite our ability to assist you with anything Mug Club related, please include your name, and your Mug Club membership number in any email correspondence, if you have that available when you contact our Loyalty team. Thank you!)